Nail Enhancement

(This service does not include manicure)
Organic Dipping Color Powder New Set/Fills
Pink and White Dipping New Set
Pink and White Dipping Fills
Add Nail Tips
Add $5
Add Cuticle Details
Add $5
Stiletto/Coffin Shaped Nails
Add $5
Add Chrome/Ombre
Add $15

Non-Chip Gel Manicures

Color Gel Polishing
French/American Gel Manicures
Add Chrome/Ombre
Add $15
Acrylic New Set
Acrylic Fills
Pink and White Solor Nails New Set
Pink and White Solor Nails Fills
Solar Nail w/ White or Pearl Tips New Set
Silk Wrap New Set
Silk Wrap Fills

Polish Changes

Regular Nails Polish Change
Hands $10 Feet $12
Weekly Wear Vinylux, OPI Infinite, Essie Couture Polish Change
Hands $12
French/American Polish Change
Hands $12 Feet $14
Gel Polish Change
Hands $ 32 Feet $37
French/American Gel Polish Change
Hands $37 Feet $42

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